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Carl Cloutier

Carl Cloutier

Canadian pro close-up magician. 1992 IBM 1st Prize; 1992 London closeup contest 1st prize; 1993 Gold Lion's Head; 1994 FISM 1st Prize in Closeup.

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Carl Cloutier
Cards to Slimfast by Carl Cloutier

Watch and learn the routine that won Carl the F.I.S.M. World Championship. Four signed cards completely vanish. Three of them reappear inside three different pockets. The fourth selection reappears in your sock! All four cards then vanish again, only to make their reappearance inside a sealed can of Slimfast, opened by the spectator.

The methods of how to get cards in your pockets, a card in your sock and how to load cards into a closed can holding some type of powder are easily applicable in many other situations.

The routine uses palming and sleeving, however Cloutier demonstrates how...

★★★★★ $6
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