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Carl Hertz

Carl Hertz

(San Francisco, California: 14th May 1859 - 20th March 1924)

German-Jewish ancestry. Stage name of Leib [sic] Morgenstern. Debut at age 18. Moved to England in 1884. A major pro stage magician. His basic 15-minute act comprised card tricks, the Vanishing Birdcage, plus an illusion. Toured the Continent, USA (1887), the Continent (1888), Australia (1892), and USA (1896).

In 1896 after returning to England, he began a round-the-world tour that took him to South Africa, Australia (1896), New Zealand, Fiji, India (1898), Burma, Singapore, the Philippines, Borneo, Shanghai, Japan, Hawaii, and the USA, returning to England in 1898.

Toured Europe 1902-03, Denmark 1906, USA 1906-07, and Europe 1910-11. After his sudden death in Coventry, his widow ("Amilie D'Alton") continued his show briefly. Autobio is A Modern Mystery Merchant (1924, 319pp).

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Carl Hertz
A Modern Mystery Merchant by Carl Hertz

The trials, tricks and travels of Carl Hertz the famous American illusionist.

A highly readable and informative autobiography that takes Carl Hertz around the globe. Hertz was born as Leib Morgenstein in San Francisco, the son of Russian and Polish immigrants. He started with showbusiness in Northern California at a young age and had initially little success. Nevertheless, Carl Hertz went on to create a distinguished international career as a stage illusionist and debunker of fraudulent mediums and other scammers.

My boyhood - Fascination which conjuring has for me - I am discharged...

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