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Castles: close up card magic

by Simon Caine
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Castles: close up card magic by Simon Caine

In this ebook you will learn 8 stunning, practical pieces of card magic, and a series of sleights so sneaky they'll immediately make it into your repertoire.

The Castle Sleights: A false cut, force, peek and displacement that all look the same. Can you tell them apart?

Dr Daly's Last Meal: An impromptu sandwich routine gets a shot in the arm from the good Doctor.

Dark Room: A there and back again colour changing deck routine for two. Just what colour was the deck again?

Polygraph: A thought of card leads the spectator to wonder whether they are lying or telling the truth. Like your magic with a hint of the psychological? You will use Polygraph.

Resolution: A three card triumph routine with just the right kind of ending. The perfect ending to a multiple revelation routine.

Black Out: The Ten-Card Poker Deal gets the Blackjack treatment, making it so easy to perform. Impromptu, easy to do! You can't lose.

Weightlifter: The performer proves just how easily we can all be influenced, correctly working out exactly how many cards a spectator separates from the deck.

Box Cutter: This is Simon's go to "show us a trick" effect. The easiest transposition effect you've ever performed. Two completely free selections (can be signed!), one lost in the centre of the deck, one in the card box, swap places. No one quite knows when it happens though...

Mimic: A hands off miracle. Two spectators are given a set of 13 cards, and behind their backs, some how manage to find the only two matching cards. No equivoque, 100% hands off, dozens of applications, it'll fool you!

1st edition 2013, 35 pages.
word count: 10030 which is equivalent to 40 standard pages of text

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