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Chance's Token
by Felix Schellenberg


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Chance's Token by Felix Schellenberg

"The Attention to detail is excellent, as is the routine, which has a superb script and presentation!" - Peter Duffie

"Wonderful routines and such a well written book. You did a fantastic job!" - Rick Roth

"...a piece of beauty. This really is phenomenal!" - Kyle MacNeill

A Demonstration Of Precognition And Chance, Using Tarot Cards And Ancient Tokens

The Effect

Proposing to reproduce an ancient divination ritual, a volunteer is asked to freely choose some areas of life that she is particularly interested in (like the ones looked up in a horoscope).

As an aid for later visualization, tokens are laid out on the table according to the spectator's choice - e.g. old coins (representing wealth and financial security), a quill (for creativity and knowledge), an antique silver ring (standing for love and partnership), a pharmacist's bottle (health) etc.

The volunteer now chooses at will any number of cards from a complete and shuffled oracle deck and assigns them randomly to her personal aspects of life.

Whilst the performer turns away (or leaves the room), she finally concentrates on one freely chosen topic of life, and while feeling the emotions that are connected with it she picks a single oracle card which she pockets (sight unseen) for the time being...

All other cards are mixed again and only then does the performer turn to the spectator. He begins to conduct a 'reading' with the volunteer, making correct statements about her personality and, without asking any questions, immediately devises correctly from which aspect of life the card was taken!

Even more: before the spectator herself turns over her personal oracle card, the performer visibly places a sealed envelope on the table which he'll never touch again henceforth.

Only then is the chosen card shown for the first time and the spectator confirms whether its meaning indeed has any significance to her.

In the end the envelope is opened, revealing the correctly predicted pocketed card - a material proof that all decisions we believe to take freely are actually void and that we all are much more at the mercy of destiny than we dare to imagine...

Points To Consider

  • All cards are different
  • Use any deck you like
  • Nothing to add, nothing to remove
  • No psychological force
  • All decisions are freely taken
  • No equivoque
  • No stooges
  • Different outcomes
  • No electronics
  • No sleight of hand
  • Flexible principle

1st edition 2011; 44 pages.