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Chandu: The Magician
by Vera Oldham & Frank Dahm & Sam Dann

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Chandu: The Magician by Vera Oldham & Frank Dahm & Sam Dann

Listen to the adventures of government agent Frank Chandler, a practitioner of the ancient arts of mysticism now known as Chandu: The Magician. These adventures are from the two final series of Chandu adventures when the format changed from daily 12 minute cliffhangers to half an hour stand alone weekly stories. They begin with Chandler returning to America after many years to see his sister and her family!

Thanks to the format change, you can enjoy these stories without being familiar with any of the earlier radio recordings or the movie serials (Chandu the Magician, 1932, or The Return of Chandu, 1934, starring Bela Lugosi). Deep voiced Tom Collins provides the voice of Chandu and Howard Culver is the announcer for most shows, introducing each episode to the peel of a gong.

It is worth noting to serious old time radio fans that these are the White King Granulated Soap sponsored episodes heard on the West Coast. The main commercials have been removed, but offers for Chandu magic tricks from White King Soap remain.

All these episodes have been digitally restored and remastered. Each episode has had the major clicks, pops and distortions removed while preserving the vintage sound.

Episodes have been written by several writers. Vera Oldham wrote a few and the director for all of them was Cyril Armbrister.

  • The Black Steps
  • The Village of Thieves
  • Photographic Memory
  • Blood Oath
  • The Spell of Dimitri
  • Drug Smuggling
  • The Temple at Karnak
  • The Temple Under the Sea (aka The Mystic Past)
  • The House of Fear
  • The Voice of Darkness
  • The Ominous Sahara (aka The Ominous, Deadly Sahara)
  • Fog of Forgotten Valley
  • Island of Disappearing Men (Temple Under the Sea Remake)
  • Death in the Golden Horn
  • The Wizard of Kalahari
  • Terror on the Negev Desert
  • Counterfeiters
  • Rocket Sabotage
  • Clever Jeff Adams
  • Henri, the Dress Designer
  • Black Market Hijackers
  • Dr. Coleman...Alias Dr. Bauer?
  • Naval Drug Fraud

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