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by Daniel Madison

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Changes by Daniel Madison

Daniel teaches four card changes - so called color changes:

  • The Fan Change
  • The Wheel Change
  • The Swing Change
  • Delusion
For each one you will receive a PDF and a video clip.

The Fan Change
This is what Daniel considers to be a signature color-change and it is one of his favorites. A card is turned face up on top of the deck. The deck is fanned and before the fan closes the face up card has changed to another card.

The fan change is impromptu, it can be performed with any deck of cards and isn't hard to achieve. To stub a misconception...the top card is not being taken away from the deck as it is fanned.

Along with the video download you will also receive the fan change ebook which includes further training in the move and its applications. Amongst the applications for this move, the fan change can be used as a simple control and a card vanish.

The Wheel Change
A card is placed face up protruding the center of the deck...the magician spins the card causing it to change...

The wheel change is entirely impromptu and requires no setup. It is very practical and easy to perform. The wheel change was inspired by the 'DB Spin Change' by Dan and Dave Buck.

The Swing Change
The swing change is an impromptu color change that can be done with any deck of cards with no setup. A card is displayed, the magician clicks his fingers, the card changes and everything can be examined instantly.

A single card is taken from the deck. The card is placed face down in the performers hand. When the card is turned over it is revealed to have changed.

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