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Charles Gauci

Charles Gauci

Born in Malta, Charles migrated to Australia in 1949. After attending a performance of one of the world's greatest hypnotists, 'The Amazing Franquin', Charles became hooked on the powers of the mind at the tender age of thirteen. He has devoted his entire life to the study of the mind. He is well versed in Hypnosis, Magic, Spiritualism, Hatha and Raja Yoga, Psychology and all kindred arts.

He turned professional at sixteen. He has toured the world with his "Magic of the Mind" and "The Power Within" shows. He has performed at the "Magic Castle" in Hollywood. The "World Magic Seminar" in Las Vegas. The "Colombe d'or" in Juan les Pines on the French Riviera, and "Stars of Magic" at the Princess Grace theatre in Monte Carlo.

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Charles Gauci
Hypno-Dream and The Power Within Programs by Charles Gauci

The Hypno-Dream Program

For over fifty-eight years Charles Gauci has applied the principles contained in this program to help him achieve tremendous world wide success both as a hypnotist and a mentalist. He explains:

  • Why Positive Thinking fails 95% of the time when applied.
  • The Law of Reversed Effort. Why the harder we try the less we succeed.
  • Why, when the Will Power and the Belief System are in conflict the Belief System always wins.
It includes a download MP3 audio file (download from your digital shelf) which will re-program your subconscious mind. The audio file is specifically...
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