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Charles H. Hopkins

(USA: 22nd April 1899 - 1948)

Inspired and learned at age 11. Printer and philanthropist in Philadelphia. Amateur magician. Authored the classic "Outs": Precautions and Challenges (1940, 79pp), which was actually written by Walter Fogg. Published J.G. Tompkins Jr's classic My Best (1945).

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Charles H. Hopkins
"Outs" Precautions and Challenges by Charles H. Hopkins

This is truly a hidden gem - a lost treasure. Very few know of its existence and you will encounter almost no references to it. When you read this you will ask yourself: "Why isn't this work known by every cardician?" Some of those who have read it value it as much as they value Erdnase. Others would not trade all card books published in the last 10 years for it.

It is an immensely practical work dealing with situations when something goes wrong, or you face difficult spectators. You'll never again be afraid to try out a new trick, even if they literally see what you do, even if they really catch...

★★★★ $5
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