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Clarke Crandall

Clarke Crandall

(USA: 23rd April 1907 - 19th June 1975)

Clarke Caryle "The Senator" Crandall

Pro comedy close-up. Pet effects: Six Card Repeat and Cut and Restored Rope. Managed Al Sharpe's Studio of Magic in Chicago 1956-57 when he bought it, operating it until 1958 and then until next year as wholesale.

Invented "Poker Player’s Nightmare" (by 1964). Edited The Senator's Pink Sheet 1957-59 as house organ. Columnist for New Tops since 1962. Moved to Hollywood by 1970. AMA Best Lecturer 1970, 1974. Taught Gary Michaels in 1974.

Wrote Entertaining with Magic (1952), How to Stack Dice [1974, 18pp], and The Best of Senator Crandall (1998, 108pp, ed. by Neil Foster, based on his New Tops column).

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Clarke Crandall
How To Stack Dice by Clarke Crandall

A revised and enlarged version of his previous work on this subject. Four dice are tossed on the table, a dice cup put over the first one, and with quick movements, the dice cup is slid over each of the others in turn. Then the cup is lifted, and all four dice are stacked one on top of the other. It is a beautiful close-up trick, easy to learn with the help of this ebook. Many illustrations and dotted here and there with typical Crandall funnies.

1st edition 1974, 18 pages; PDF 25 page.

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Clarke Crandall
The Best of Senator Crandall by Clarke Crandall

Compiled and edited by Neil Foster. Illustrated by Sid Lorraine with an introduction by Robert Lund who says, "in his field, as the professional dissenter and commentator on the foibles of magicians, he is the most original entertaining writer on conjuring today." He was talking about Clarke "The Senator" Crandall and his ebook contains the following chapters:

  • It's a Mystery to Me ...
  • Let him who is without sin ...
  • Panties, Falsies and Lolly-pops
  • The Egg and I
  • Criticism should be a reward
  • ... and with much less effort
  • Those who watched ... saw an artist
  • Barbecueitis...
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)