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Clint Barron

Clint Barron

Clint Barron has been actively involved in the magic scene for nearly 20 years, in which time he has served a council member, Secretary and President of the Portsmouth and District Magic Circle. He has also won the Will Ayling Close Up Competition 4 times, including 3 successive years, and is one half of the double act known as The Vox Brothers, who perform their signature Spirit Cabinet and Bullet Catch routines.

Currently living on the outskirts of Portsmouth in Hampshire, he continues to develop his magic and work regularly within The Vox Brothers act, as well as produce original material for his personal and professional repertoires.

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Clint Barron
Understanding Misdirection by Clint Barron

This is a nice and sweet introduction to the concepts of misdirection and how you can apply them to your own performance.

1st edition 2012, 12 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Misdirection?
  3. The 4 Principles of Misdirection
  4. Principle 1: The Off-Beat
  5. Principle 2: The Eyes
  6. Principle 3: Use Your Natural Style
  7. Principle 4: Justification of Moves
  8. Putting It All Together
  9. Final Thoughts
  10. Credits & Useful Resources
★★★★ $15
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