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Collision Volume 2
by Ravi Mayar

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Collision Volume 2 by Ravi Mayar


A ten phase, powerhouse visual routine, done with just one ring. Each phase is modular leaving you the opportunity to do each phase, one phase or mix them up.

Damn Gum

Remove a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Simply change it into the inner wrap of the gum package; change it again into a full, store bought pack of gum. Take out a piece of gum, eat it or give the piece to your spectator.

S.C.T.B (Signed Coin Thru Bill)

Borrow a bill, borrow a coin. Have the spectator sign the coin. Fold the bill in half and place the coin inside the bill. Crimp the coin inside the bill so the spectator can see the coin is in there - then, with just your finger tips, pull their signed coin through the bill.


Take a match out of a match box and light it. Blow on the matchbox and the match goes out in the other hand. Take the match and bite off the burnt tip. Then 'spit blow' the end of the match back onto the matchstick - you'll see the burnt tip, back, on the slightly broken matchstick.

Minds Eye

Tell the spectator you have made a prediction and that you sent a text message of the prediction to your phone weeks before. Ask the spectator to think of a number between one and five. Show them the text message on your phone. The message will show a list of 5 money denominations and a facial feature next to each denomination. Whatever number the spectator chooses, that denomination is produced from thin air and the facial feature next to the chosen denomination vanishes from the bill. WAIT! It also vanishes from the text message on your phone. Show them the text message with the missing facial feature next to their chosen denomination.


Borrow a coin from a spectator. Display both your hands to show that they are empty. Place the coin into their hand instructing them to make a fist. Take out a lighter and wave it under their fist. The spectator then opens their hand to discover their coin is half burnt.

Instant Bartender

Borrow a coin from a spectator and change it into a miniature bottle of Vodka (or any other spirit). Now produce their coin from thin air and as have them believe the trick is over at this point. NOW, produce a can of Red Bull (or any other soft drink) from your empty hands.

Business Travel

Take two of your own business cards, fold them and place them inside each other. Slowly, with your finger tips, pull the inside folded card through the other one. Hand out your business cards. Great for self promotion!


Show both sides of two different flavoured Tictac boxes. Ask the spectator which flavour they prefer. Take one of the Tictac boxes and tap it against the other one and ONLY ONE of the preferred flavoured tictacs suddenly appears in the opposite flavoured Tictac box.

"Ravi is a modern day, magical Einstein. As always he delivers another excellent DVD. I always look forward to Ravi's DVDs as not only are the effects amazing, I find Ravi's passion and enthusiasm a driving force." - Wayne Goodman

"Collision V2 is a great collection of material using everyday objects. They are clear in effect and you can master them with a little practice. If you like organic magic, then this DVD is for you!" - Fritz Alkemade

"Collision V2 has some of the best organic and visual material I have seen for a long time. It is packed full of workable ideas that you will be foolish not to try out and use! The reactions speak for themselves!" - Marc Lavelle, Magic consultant to the TV series 'Tricked' Ben Hanlin

"Collision 2 just melted my mind; short snappy straight to the point magic, I love it. 'Residue' is making my number one set" - Kieron Lefever

length 1h 30min


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