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Colonel Anil A. Athale

Colonel Anil A. Athale

A 1968 commissioned Infantry officer of 9 Gorkha Rifles and graduate of staff college, the author did his PhD from Pune university on regional security. As a Joint director and head of War Studies division, Min of Defence the author worked on official history of 1962 Sino Indian Conflict and Mizo Insurgency. In 1991 he sought premature voluntary retirement in the rank of full Colonel. In the subsequent years he has been full time in research on security issues as co-ordinator of Pune based think tank INPAD (Initiative for peace and disarmament) He has worked on Kashmir issue, Sri Lanka and Naxalism related projects. He has travelled extensively in the conflict areas. A military historian by training, his works include history of Anglo Maratha Wars 1679-1818, Kashmir study titled ‘Let the Jhelum Smile Again, Nuclear Menace the Satyagraha Approach and Arab Israeli Wars. He has held fellowships from IDSA (Inst of Defence Studies and Analysis), Kennedy Centre, Indian Philosophical Society and United Services Institute. His forthcoming work includes a fictional history co-authored with late Lt. Gen Eric Vas, titled Unmaking of Pakistan: If Bose had Lived?. He is regular contributor to net and print media on matters of international security.

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