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Combined Inspirations
by Anitha and Sreenivas

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Combined Inspirations by Anitha and Sreenivas

This ebook, profusely illustrated, is the combined work of the husband-wife team of the Sreenivases. It contains 13 original and highly performance worthy routines with cards, coins, elastic hair bands (a more visible variation of elastic rubber bands), and a silk routine.

As Sreenivas says in his forward ...

"This is my fourth publishing event. The first two were my Linking Ring One Man Parades in 1989 and 1993. The third was my book Card Circus in this Indian Show case Series.

Combined Inspirations is not a book of advanced sleights like my first book. This is a collection of tricks meant to be performed. There are a few tricks for beginners, several more for the average performer, and some for the serious sleight of hand artists.

Most magicians today have an unlimited source of creative ideas available to them. The classic sleights of great masters can be brought together giving birth to new ideas. It is not merely the creation that counts. What is more important is the impression it makes on the audience..."

And the late Mr. Dayanand introduces Anitha ...

"I am a great connoisseur of lady magicians. My list begins with Tina Lenert, Liza Menna and ends with Anitha. She is perhaps one of the few lady magicians of India who dresses with sense on the stage and moves with easy confidence. She is not just a decorative piece but an essential element in Sreenivas's magic.

A great taskmaster, she manages to look after her little daughter of six and the big boy who is in his 40's with all the love and care. By habit we are habituated not to give much credit to the work the lady behind the man does, but Anitha's hand is obvious in disciplining the child and domesticating the man.

Long before Anitha married Sreenivas, she had been amazed by magic, and magic brought them together to the ultimate bond. Frankly speaking, today I cannot think of Sreenivas without Anitha, - in my mind; it is difficult to imagine what direction he would have taken without her. It is rare to meet the right person for each other and see them grow together in magic, for the good of the fraternity and I hope they will contribute much more for the eternity."

Srenivas passed away prematurely on 15th June 2010. This work will keep him alive for magicians for a long time to come.

1st edition 1995, 36 pages, illustrated.
word count: 11490 which is equivalent to 45 standard pages of text