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Compleat K.M. Move
by Jon Racherbaumer


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Compleat K.M. Move by Jon Racherbaumer

This is the fourth revised treatment that Marlo and Jon worked on during the last year of his life. Their objective back then was to publish a new old-book by expanding the original work to include ideas, finesses, and variations devised after 1962. More important, the revision was to be more organized and cohesive than the original.

The original K.M. MOVE booklet was typed on twenty-three pages. There were only eleven hand-traced, inked drawings [by Marlo]. The material faithfully duplicates Marlo's hand-written notes and was typed by Muriel Marlo. All in all, the finished product had an unpretentious, unadorned look because Marlo never cared about packaging his Notes in fancy wrappings. Real value, he insisted, lies in good ideas and high-caliber effects.

This revised book supplements, without supplanting the original manuscript. The goal is to agitate the ferment and bring Marlo's work to future generations of cardicians.

Lee Freed will eventually publish this and other Marlo works in a hardcover format.

[Please not that although Jon references photos in the ebook there are no photos included yet. We think that the text itself will be of interest and that is why we are releasing it as it is. At some point Jon intends to add the photos. When that happens all customers will be able to download the version with the photos.]

1st edition 2008; 48 pages.
word count: 15089 which is equivalent to 60 standard pages of text