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Congreave's Curiosities
by Chris Congreave

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Congreave's Curiosities by Chris Congreave

The name Chris Congreave is synonymous with commercial close-up routines and ideas. As a full-time close up pro for over a decade, he has learned how to hone his magic in order to make it totally practical for performance to lay people in the real world, and this new ebook brings together a collection of 40 of his best ideas as well as providing you with three essays that offer sage advice.

Although a few of his routines do require some elements of sleight of hand, much of his material is extremely straightforward or even virtually self-working. In fact, the variety and breadth of the material make it ideal both for those just starting out and also for those with more technical ability and knowledge.

When a full-time pro elects to share his worker routines with the wider magical public, it pays to sit up and take notice. This excellent collection of close-up magic, which is a combination of some previously published and released material as well as items that are being revealed for the first time, should be in the hands of every discerning performer who aspires to present commercial close-up magic.

  • Foreword by Gary Jones
  • Introduction
  • 4 Ace Production
  • The Laughing Count
  • LOL Count
  • Pocket Interchange
  • Marked Deck
  • Tin Opener
  • Signed Card To Tin
  • Shell Move
  • Fire Coins
  • Hopping Halves Plus
  • Coins Across
  • Joke Box
  • Joker Surprise
  • Packed Wallet
  • Chop Cup
  • Childsplay
  • Childsplay My Way
  • Childsplay With A Regular Deck
  • Childsplay Redux (With No Playing Cards)
  • Kolossal Kids
  • Surprise Sandwich
  • Flukes
  • Commercial Comedy Poker Deal
  • Free Phone
  • Happy Birthday
  • Card To Matchbox
  • Blackjack Or Cheating
  • Pick Me!
  • You've Got To Be Joking
  • Signed Card Routine
  • Diminished, Most Likely
  • Signature Trick
  • DICEption
  • Some Thoughts On Professional Close Up Magic
  • One Voice
  • The Joker Has It
  • 3 Fly
  • Bill Switch To Purse
  • Cards To Pocket
  • Copper, Silver, Brass
  • Knife Routine
  • No Palm Card To Pocket
  • Pick Pocket

1st edition 2017, PDF 117 pages.
word count: 26488 which is equivalent to 105 standard pages of text

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