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Cristóbal Carnero Liñán

Cristóbal Carnero Liñán

Cristóbal (Ronda, Spain, 1981) is primarily considered a mentalist, more specifically a psychological illusionist, but does not deny other kinds of art as illusionism, card and coin magic, etc. Interested in cold reading, hypnosis, escapism, gambling,... has to its credit some publications as Living Key and others.

He currently performs his shows in theaters and festivals: "Control Mental", "Cartas Bajo Control" and "Magia a Dos Velas".


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Cristóbal Carnero Liñán

Tahúr: a gambling routine by Cristóbal Carnero LiñánThis is the gambling demonstration that Cristóbal uses in his show "Cartas Bajo Control" ("Cards Under Control"). About ten minutes long, it's an entire act with four phases, showing almost impossible skills, like card location while shuffling, estimation, card control, and the legendary center deal. You can deal the four aces without spectators being able to see how it is done, even when they know what you are going to do.

It is not necessary for you to know how to do a center deal, though in some parts of this routine you'll need to know some techniques. References and links are included,...

2015 / 1 / 11

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Cristóbal Carnero Liñán

Living Key by Cristóbal Carnero LiñánFrom the current close-up repertory of Cristóbal, this is the final routine with the Haunted Key. A demonstration of energy work or a bizarre effect of possession, you choose. The perfect Halloween effect. Use with caution: spectators will freak out.

This is not for the hobbyist, but it's an easy effect to perform if you have experience with this kind of techniques.


You give the key to a spectator who can feel how the key comes to life with his own energy. Finally the mentalist proves how the spectator and the key are now connected.


  • No extra props (only the key) ...
2014 / 11 / 8

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