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Dan Eatherley

Dan Eatherley is a British writer, film-maker and environmental consultant. He combines interests in wildlife and the environment with proven research and writing skills. After reading Zoology at Oxford University, Dan spent a decade making natural history documentaries for the BBC, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. He filmed all manner of wildlife in jungles, deserts and swamps the world over, and is credited as an assistant producer on two landmark BBC series hosted by David Attenborough: The Life of Mammals and Planet Earth.

He also made several films on snakes for National Geographic Television in 2001. It was during research for one of these programmes that Dan first encountered Raymond Ditmars. Dan learned that Ditmars, who is today largely forgotten except in herpetological circles, had been a household name in the 1920s and 1930s. Ditmars’s obsession with catching a bushmaster was enthralling, and the seed for a book idea was planted.

Dan has written over 100 popular science and environmental articles for BBC Wildlife, New Scientist and Scientific American magazines based on the latest research findings which caught his eye. This, combined with Dan’s work developing many nature programme ideas, shows he has a journalist’s nose for a good story. But unlike many reporters he has a scientific training too so can understand complex concepts and interpret them for a general audience in a clear and readable style.

When not writing, Dan works as a consultant advising government and private companies on environmental issues.


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