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Daniel Quiles

Daniel Quiles

Daniel Quiles is a young magician, lover of magic since adolescence. He started with the magic with fourteen years old, and even today, twenty-five years, is dedicated to card magic with great fondness, devotion and dedication. Daniel is not limited to the effects other magician do, he has a great imagination to create his own effects and he is always looking one step further. If anything characterizes this young Spanish magician, it is his creativity.

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Daniel Quiles
Secrets by Daniel Quiles

[Note that this is a translation from Spanish and is not in perfect English. However, this should not prevent you from studying these creative routines.]


  • The painter of the aces: Four white cards are printed slowly on both sides, transforming one by one and in a visual way, in four aces of the deck. The aces prove to be clearly printed both by the faces and by the backs. The cards are ordinary and can be examined immediately.
  • Counting mistakes: Spectator takes a card freely, and after looking at it, returns it to the interior of the deck. The magician assures that he has a special skill in the tips of his fingers, and that only cutting the deck several times, he's able to find the chosen card without difficulty, but after a...
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