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by Gerard Zitta


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Darwin by Gerard Zitta

A classic mathematical principle with two piles.

This is an old mathematical principle used in many card effects. Most of the effects were done with 52 cards. But the principle works with any number of cards (or business cards). This manual explains the principle in detail and generalizes the principle. It allows you to predict the last card that will be left after dealing two piles and eliminating the same pile every time. After reading this ebook, you will be able to use any number of cards. The original pile can be any size, the discarded pile can be chosen, and the final card can be at almost any original position.

The elimination process is hands off. It can be combined with classic techniques or other principles to create new effects with stacks, or impromptu. This is a very simple, but powerful and useful principle to know. You can even improvise once you know it (to predict or to find a card for instance, in an unusual way).

We know many magicians hate tricks based on dealing (or spelling). But it can be solved with presentation and patter, or by using less than 52 cards. Hopefully, this manual will revive these type of 'boring' effects.

Practical examples and ideas are provided with 22, 26, 52 and 54 cards; with a TAROT deck for readings; with business or index cards (DATE, ZODIAC, ALPHABET, DAY OF THE WEEK, DIGITS, DICE, ESP symbols), imaginary serial number, ESP coincidence.

BONUS: "Valentine day"

1st edition 2014, 29 pages.
word count: 8436 which is equivalent to 33 standard pages of text