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David Crown

David Crown

(May 4th 1972 - )

Born in Berlin, Germany. David is involved with magic since his childhood and since then exploring every nuance of this fascinating art. A working performer for mainly close-up magic and mentalism. He is releasing a number of effects and ideas now from his working repertoire.

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David Crown
Bridal Curse by David Crown

The Effect
You present three Chinese coins to your audience which will do their ordinary work as always. Two of the Chinese coins travel from your hand to the ring a spectator is holding in her outstretched palm. The third coin is given shortly to the ones already traveled and you pick up her ring which you put fairly into your own pocket. You are then given the last coin which you throw in your hand. Again the coin will travel... The Spectator is asked to open the hand and to her amazement she finds three coins. But wait - what is in your hand? The spectator's ring!

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