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David Deveen

David Deveen

(London, England: 24th April 1900 - late August 1989)

Stage name of A.W. Parsons. Pro manipulator 1920s-60s, touring Britain, the Continent, and the world and billed as the "Gay Deceiver", "Distinguished Deceiver" or the "Debonair Deceiver". Worked his silent act with 6 female assistants who were marketed as "...and his New York (or American) Blondes". He was Vice-President of Leicester Magic Circle.

Wrote Cigarette Magic and Manipulation [1929, 38pp] and Expert Cigarette Magic (1932, 59pp; repr 1936).

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David Deveen
Expert Cigarette Magic by David Deveen

Sleights and routines with lit and unlit cigarettes. Illustrated by numerous photographic reproductions from the author's own hands, together with some additional line drawings.

  • PART ONE Unlighted Cigarette Section
    • Groundwork of Cigarette Magic
      • “Perfection” Vanish
      • Sliding Cigarette Vanish
      • My “Rising Cigarette” Vanish
      • “Vertical” Cigarette Vanish
      • “Favourite” Vanish
      • “Descention” Vanish
      • “D.D.” “Thumb-Slide” Vanish
      • Supplementary “Thumb-Slide” Vanish
      • My “Slow-Motion” Vanish
      • “Stationary”...
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