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David Seebach

David Seebach

David Seebach has almost always been a magician. His interest began at about age six when an older brother gave him a toy magic set. His initial 'public' appearance was at Milwaukee's Center Street Public Library in 1960 for which he was paid $7.50. The repertoire included scarves that magically appeared and cards that changed from one value to another.

David now travels far from his Milwaukee, Wisconsin home and causes women to appear or transform into his tiger, Tara. His Wonders of Magic has been presented in over thirty states, coast-to-coast, and is a lavish production with beautiful settings, spectacular illusions, colorful costuming, and evocative music.

David studied theater at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he graduated with honors and a BFA degree. On campus he created a benefit show that ran for ten years. He also briefly taught a course in magic at UW-M.

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David Seebach
So You Want To Be An Illusionist by David Seebach

If you are planning to add an illusion to your show this is required reading.

Is this ebook for me? Here is David in his own words:

Have you created a show that clients pay you to present on a regular basis and does that show not include any of the big, spectacular acts that we refer to as illusions? Do you want to learn more about these famous mysteries to decide if adding one or more of them to your act is going to be a good decision?

In the mid 1960's I was a high school student who dutifully carried a #16 Abbott's Magic Co. catalog with my class text books and I studied through...

★★★★★ $20
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