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Dick and Virginia Williams

Dick and Virginia Williams

(Dick: July 17th, 1927 - July 10, 2020)
(Virginia: - January 1st, 2007)

Dick and Virginia Williams performed as a duo. Dick Williams began his lifelong interest in magic when he received a magic kit at age 7. By his teens, Williams was performing at military bases in the state of Kansas. A few years passed, as Dick graduated college, then hired on as a radio announcer at Wichita station KANS in 1945. In 1949, he married Virginia Maranville. It wasn’t long before Virginia was added to the act as principal assistant. Dick hosted the "Dick Williams' Magicland" TV show in Memphis, Tennessee, from 1966 to 1989. With 1200 broadcasts it is considered the longest-running magic TV show. Dick also had a "day job" as weatherman for WMC-TV in Memphis.

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Dick and Virginia Williams
Booking Magic by Dick and Virginia Williams

Can you keep your act booked the whole year round without the expense of hiring an agent? The answer is a resounding yes. Dick and Virginia Williams worked TV, clubs, and corporate shows, plus banquets and hotels. And they kept busy. Yet, they handled the publicity, promotion, and booking of their act themselves, without the need for an advance man or agent. Their methods are revealed in this easy-to-follow manuscript. If you can read and follow directions, then you can do it, too.

In any other profession, Dick and Virginia would have kept their secrets to themselves. Yet, because their system...

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