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Dick Turpin

( - 17th July 1987)

'Dick', was one of the last survivors of the old time 'street entertainers'. Most of his working life was spent busking in the London area. He did most of his busking in public houses. He would walk into the bar and obtain the landlord's permission to work the place. After the show, he would go round with the hat and then leave for the next pub.

He was a master of misdirection and subtlety, who's effects could baffle some of the world's finest magicians. In his later years he table hopped in Southend.

Contributed to Pabular.

Coauthors: Alan Shaxon, Ken de Courcy

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Dick Turpin & Alan Shaxon & Ken de Courcy

Tearing Them Up by Dick Turpin & Alan Shaxon & Ken de CourcyThere can be no doubt about it, the "Torn and Restored Newspaper" is one of our modern classics. Many excellent versions have been published and marketed by dealers over the years. In the pages of this manuscript, we are pleased to present two excellent variations, Dick Turpin's "Torn and Restored Newspaper" and "Tearing Up the News" by Alan Shaxon, both first-class methods. Both versions are very easy to prepare and to perform. Additionally, we have included Ken de Courcy's patter presentation for the Dick Turpin routine, which of course, can be used for either variation. Ken’s patter is...
2020 / 9 / 18

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