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Dominic Twose

Dominic Twose

Dominic has been active in magic for well over thirty years, having been a pupil of Fred Robinson.

He has contributed to a number of books and magazines, including The Open Prediction Project, Best of Friends 3, The Magic of Fred Robinson, The Crimp, The Magic Circular, MindBlasters, England Up Close, and Profile. He helped with the production of The Cervon Castle Notebooks.

He is the author of Impromptu Secrets, and Remembering Serena (a novel about a magician); and photographs of various parts of his anatomy have appeared with nauseous regularity in the American quarterly Body Freaks of Nature.

He is currently working on a book on the magic of Bruce Cervon.

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Dominic Twose
The Sign of Five Telephone Test by Dominic Twose

One of the cleverest telephone tricks ever invented. You do not need a special phone or app. You only need an assistant, friend or colleague on the other end of the line to make this miracle possible.

"I am fascinated by such thinking - your method is extremely devious. Congratulations on a great idea." - Paul Daniels

"It's incredible!" - Stephen Fry

"This telephone test of yours is the cleverest idea that I have encountered in years." - Peter Duffie


You tell the spectator of the importance of character in reaching decisions. You explain that recent studies have shown that a couple...

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