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Don Boles

(USA: c1930 - 3rd July 2001)

Pro, long with carnivals. As "Rex Dane" he also did a mindreading act (with wife Jackie). Retired from magic as a piano tuner in Atlanta, Georgia, where he died. Wrote Midway Magic (1963, 51pp), The Midway Showman (1967), The Modern Wizard's Manual (1970), The Compleat Pitchman (1972) and a non-magic book The Independent Piano Technician (1968).

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Don Boles
Midway Magic by Don Boles

The definitive "How-To" ebook for anyone considering a career as a magician, mentalist, or specialty act in the outdoor field of fairs, sideshows, circuses and carnivals.

Many, many accolades from the top names in show business, all state that Midway Magic is a gold mine of information for anyone interested in the exciting world of outdoor fairs, festivals, carnivals and side shows.

With more and more circus-style revues now touring, there is a real shortage of magical entertainers. Get in on the ground floor of this fascinating field -- this ebook tells you how. Practical advice on getting...

★★★★★ $10
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