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Don Bursell

Don Bursell

Don worked with Ringling Brothers Circus, Disneyland and 48 of the 50 United States with his family-oriented comedy variety shows. He buys and sells new & used magic books through Don’s Used Magic & Books


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Don Bursell
The Creative Mind by Don Bursell

With 1000s of magic routines available, why do many magician's perform the same routines, without any change, modification or effort to make those routines unique?

The Creative Mind is simply Don Bursell's ideas for creating new routines, brainstorming new variations, and keeping track of those ideas.

The 2nd half are tricks that Don has created over the years, and based on advice from Jon Racherbaumer, wrote them down so as not to forget them. One of them, Headmover, has been an odd signature piece of Don's programs for over 20 years. Another routine, The Needles, is Don's solution to the East Indian...

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