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Don Theo III

Don Theo has been entertaining audiences on film, radio, television and stage for the past fifteen years. Through the help of many mentors who are amongst some of the biggest names in magic today, he has decided to release the first installment of his secret notebook.

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Don Theo III

Teardrop by Don Theo IIIFrom the preface: This little ebook is not jazzy or slick in any way. It is, in fact, a small step up from the scribble in my notebook. However, within its pages one may find reputation makers and religion starters.

This book is not full of amazing new methods. The routines within utilize methods that you (probably) already know. What you are about to read is an application of these methods that will take your audiences to a whole new level.

You should know, before delving in, that my professional/scholastic training is born out of the theatre. I am very theatrical and this is why my audiences...

2008 / 2 / 8

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Don Theo III

Broken by Don Theo IIIBroken
This is the launching point of the journey. Don fuses the essence of powerful theatre with mystery entertainment to open your eyes and ears to a new way to approach your performances.

"Most mentalists know Don Theo knocked it out of the ballpark with his introductory book Teardrop. However, Theo's 'Broken' makes his first treatise now seem like a bunt. 'Broken' is a beautiful, artistic work that forces the actor in each mentalist to rise to the surface and make some very necessary waves within our art." - Mick Ayres
The star of the show, this jawdropping three phase routine...
2010 / 5 / 17

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