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Donny Orbit

Donny Orbit

Donny was a late bloomer when it came to starting magic. He didn't have any magic shops in town or really even know what magic was. No crazy uncles for him. Enter David Blaine. In 1997 Donny saw his first magic special when he was 16 and he was hooked. He did all of his research online and bought his first magic book, Expert Card Technique. Donny learned every trick he could and changed the effects around to not only fit his style but to give them more of a modern feel. He later found out that a man by the name of Paul Harris was a magician who helped produce the special. He found out that Paul had a series of books that was a reflection of a lifetime of magical creation, so his second magic purchase was the entire Art of Astonishment series.

To this day, Donny still only has a handful of books. He prefers to create within a vacuum to rely on his own wits and creativity. He has performed private parties as well as a few restaurant gigs. While he was in the Air Force, he would regularly perform for squadron functions and volunteer work at local schools and nursing homes. Donny currently resides in Colorado Springs where he is a Maintenance Technician for a local school district. He lives with his wife Amanda, 2 year old son Bruce and their two Jack Russell Terriers, Houdini and Stax.

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Donny Orbit
Inside the Head of Donny Orbit by Donny Orbit

"Donny Orbit exhibits a fresh approach with his effects. I always look forward to his stuff!" - Joshua Jay

Donny Orbit has been cropping up all over the place recently, having effects published in Magic, Genii and Antinomy and contributing to Nathan Kranzo's Moving Tanline DVD.

Six amazing close up routines from an extremely offbeat thinker. 'Off the wall' plots with a direct and practical approach. Not only is this magic you'll use, it's magic that'll make you smile, shake your head, kick yourself and swear out loud - all at the same time!

"I could try and draw comparisons to other magicians. I could tell you that...

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