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Douglas Francis

Douglas Francis

(Liverpool, England: 8th May 1915 - )

Stage name of Douglas Francis Jones. Cardman and Drunk Act as "On the Way Home". Started out in his father's timber trade. After 1931 when his father's business stopped, he became in turn, an electrician, a commercial traveler, and an assistant manager in a Woolworth store. Eventually, he turned professional magician. During WWII he was a tank gunnery instructor. In 1944 he married Constance Field. After the war, he continued his performing career.

Wrote Right Under Your Nose (1947, 36pp) and Spectator's Choice (1953, 30pp).

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Douglas Francis
Right Under Your Nose by Douglas Francis

From the preface by John Ramsay:

The author, my friend Douglas Francis, has handed me part of the manuscript of this book, and he has also given me a personal demonstration of some of the effects described therein. Every trick proved entertaining and convincing in his capable hands, and, consequently, I can recommend them with every confidence to all exponents of "Close-up" Magic.

From the foreword:

As the title suggests, the contents of this book are confined to that type of effect that can be literally performed right under the nose of the spectator, in other words - Close Quarter...

★★★★★ $10
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