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Douglas William Jerrold

Douglas William Jerrold

(London, UK: 3rd January 1803 - 8th June 1857)

Douglas Jerrold was a successful journalist, playwright, humorist, and editor, eventually helping to create the great Punch magazine. Among his most successful plays was Black Eyed Susan, which made his name.

Though his health, never good, became increasingly difficult as he got older, he never the less made many friends, including Charles Dickens, and had a great reputation to the end for his wit and good humor.

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Douglas William Jerrold
The Hand-Book of Swindling by Douglas William Jerrold

A humoristic manual about swindling, how to become a successful swindler, as well as why it is such a good thing - featuring the late captain Barabbas Whitefeather.

  • Preface Of The Editor
  • Chapter I. The Reader Is Introduced To Captain Whitefeather's Relations.
  • Chapter II. Captain Whitefeather Takes An Enlarged View Of Swindling - Social Evils And Their Remedy.
  • Chapter III. Of The Face Necessary To A Swindler - (An Incidental Speculation On The "Division Of Property") - And Of The Use And Abuse Of Mustachios.
  • Chapter IV. Of The Parentage And Name Of A Swindler - Of His Equipage - Of His...
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