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Dr. Dejay Ward

Dr. Dejay Ward

(1926 - October 24th 1987)

Dr. Dejay Ward, by the real name David Ward, was an American mentalist, magician, and author. Ward served in the US Army in WWI, touring as a musician in the Army Band. After the war, David put himself through college in New York by performing a magic act in nightclubs and private engagements. A professional magician for over 50 years, Ward revealed many of his favorite magic and mental secrets in Wiles of a Wizard and Miracle Memory Feats.

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Dr. Dejay Ward
Secrets of My Professional Mind Reading Show by Dr. Dejay Ward

One of New York's busiest psychic entertainers reveals his complete, audience-tested 60-minute mentalism act in complete detail. This act plays strong and leaves audiences breathless. It's as close to a genuine demonstration of ESP and psychic ability as is possible. Ideal for private parties, this routine is designed from the ground up to dazzle the audience and most of all, entertain them. And don't be surprised if the spectators credit you with powers far beyond those of mere mortals, the routine is that powerful.

Partial contents:

  • Question and Answer Routine
  • Psychometry
  • Book Test ...
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