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Drew Backenstoss

Drew Backenstoss

Drew is the first to admit that (for the time being) he's a "part-time professional" - but he's developed a solid client base in the greater Salt Lake City, UT area specializing in after-dinner corporate entertainment.

He first fell in love with magic as a young child but discovered his "true calling" as a mentalist in his late-teens and hasn't looked back since.

Although Drew had aspirations of "making it big on Broadway", during his early twenties he decided to journey a VERY different path when he obtained a degree in Finance from the Marriott School of Business. Since then he's gone on to manage the Human Resources department of a national advocacy group and begin a family with his amazing wife.

Drew draws inspiration from his background in theater, visual arts, magic, and his vocational experience to craft presentations that hit HARD for audiences while also being a joy to perform. He sincerely hopes that the ideas he offers to the community might inspire others along their path in the mystery arts.

He's more than happy to connect with his readers - indeed, he hopes that many will become FRIENDS! Feel free to reach out to him at [email protected].

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Drew Backenstoss
Requiem: Two Innovative Approaches to the "Memorized" Deck by Drew Backenstoss

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Requiem - Two Innovative Approaches to the 'Memorized' Deck puts the incredible world of mem-deck work within anyone's reach.

Because no two minds work alike this ebook contains two very different stacks that allow you to know the position of any card and the card at any position in what passes as...

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