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During his youthfulness he lived in Blois (France), the town of Robert-Houdin. From the time he was a small child, Duraty has been fascinated with magic. Since 1956 he was member of a magic club where he learned the basics of the art.

Over the years Duraty performed on stage and close-up through France and Europe.

Duraty has been famous among the French magic community since the 1970s, not only for his frequent participation in national magic conventions as lecturer, but also as the author and self-publisher of almost a dozen magic books. Now his creations in the realm of close-up and parlor magic will cross the Atlantic and be appreciated by American magicians as well. As you will realize when you read his books, Duraty’s reputation has been built as much on the originality of his effects as on the simplicity and ingenuity of the methods he has devised to achieve them. You will find no difficult sleights or elaborate apparatus within these pages, but easy-to-do, effective tricks and routines performed with everyday objects and made possible by clever and practical means.

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Irresistible Close-Up Magic by Duraty

The best routines of a french magician well known for his creativity and efficiency.

Duraty says: "The effects gathered in this book represent more than 40 years of close-up performances. Endowed with just an average skill, I always gave preference to the most practical and easiest methods for I consider that effects are the only part that counts. I perform magic to amaze and surprise lay audiences rather than showing off in front of other magicians.

In my opinion, skill must remain hidden, flourishes and magical juggling demonstrations are not compatible with the idea I formed of magic,...

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