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Edward M. Vernelo

Edward M. Vernelo

(Baraboo, Wisconsin: 1869 - 3rd August 1907)

Pro magician in Lyceum, vaude, and circus. Pro dealer (with wife Inez) as "Vernello (also Vernelo) & Co." in Chicago since 1900. Provided initial capital for publishing The Sphinx in 1902. Died of apparent liver failure or tuberculosis.

Likely his real name was E. M. Savage. Son of Joseph E. Savage (1838 - 1912) and Emma O. (1849 - 1921). It is also likely that Edward's father Joseph started the E. M. Vernelo magic business in Doylestown, OH, as early as 1880. Edward transferred it to Chicago when he settled there around 1900.

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Edward M. Vernelo

E. M. Vernelo Catalog 1901 by Edward M. VerneloVernelo, another Chicago magic dealer, not only sold a good selection of magic tricks but also novelties, puzzles and a large selection of non-magic books. About half of this catalog is dedicated to books in all kinds of fields of interests including letter writing, public speaking, jokes, stories, bookkeeping, photography, calculations, and many more.

1st edition 1901, 192 pages.

2017 / 6 / 22

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