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Edward Maurice

Edward Maurice

(London, England: 1894 - 25th March 1964)

Full name was John Edward Maurice, a British professional vaudeville magician. His interest in conjuring began at the age of six when he was taken to see Chung Ling Soo. During the War (1914-18) Maurice served in the R.N.A.S. and was an active member of the R.A.F.-Follies concert parties performing tricks. He wrote Showmanship and Presentation (1946, 46pp; repr 1968) and Stagecraft and the Magician (1950).

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Edward Maurice
Showmanship and Presentation (used) by Edward Maurice

Booklet stapled in good condition. For details on the contents see the digital edition.

2021 / 12 / 7

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Edward Maurice
Showmanship and Presentation by Edward Maurice

Tips and tricks from a Vaudeville professional including openers, audience appeal, costume, make-up, and a lot more. The ideal is to have a director who pays attention to these areas, but most magicians are performers and directors rolled up into one person. It is therefore important to read and study showmanship and presentation.

From the introduction by Park Shackleton:

It is now, thank goodness, many many years since I cared two hoots how a trick was done (i.e., the actual secret which is of no importance). I am only interested in how it is presented (which is of vital importance). ...

2021 / 7 / 27

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)