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Edward Peron Hingston

Edward Peron Hingston

(St. Pancras Parish of London: September 4th, 1824 - Camden Town, London: June 9th, 1876)

British Bohemian, author, and showbusiness manager and promoter. He was born as Ebenezer Hingston in London but used for his entire adult life Edward Peron Hingston.

Hingston was an important man promoting several magicians during the 19th century, including John Henry Anderson, the "Wizard of the North", Robert Heller, and Dr. Lynn aka Simmons. He managed humorist Artemus Ward (Charles Farrar Browne) during a longer US tour and later in England. And he was befriended with Mark Twain.

Hingston was a master in writing advertisements and showbills. His flowery language created tempting word pictures that readers could hardly resist.

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Edward Peron Hingston
The Genial Showman by Edward Peron Hingston

Reminiscences of the life of humorist Artemus Ward (Charles Farrar Browne) and pictures of a showman's career in the Western world.

A wonderful account of show business by the example of the humorist Artemus Ward during the 19th century. In particular, it describes how performers had to travel through the US during the 1860s, how they had to advertise and promote their shows, including the characters they encountered and the situations they had to master.

For conjurers most interesting is chapter 25: Spiritualism And Conjuring. This tells of how Hingston and Browne helped a conjurer by...

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