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Emil Jarrow

Emil Jarrow

(Jarocin, Prussia, Germany: 4th April 1875 - 4th March 1959)

Born Emil Jarowcinski, a German Jew. Pro strongman (at age 16 with Buffalo Bill Wild West Show in Europe). Moved to USA in 1892 with that show. After breaking a leg (c1894) became a comedy patter magician. Also juggler (by 1909).

Invented Bill in Lemon (by 1909), the Salt Trick (by 1920), and the Tobacco Trick (by 1927), the first and third of which were his pet effects. Became one of the highest paid magicians in vaudeville. Toured Australia in 1927. Retired from vaude in early 1930s and moved to New York City.

Wrote one booklet, Rope Magic (1941). Trick in Arcane. See David Charvet, The Bill in Lemon Book, including The Life and Times of Emil Jarrow (1990, 70pp).

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Emil Jarrow
Rope Magic by Emil Jarrow

Emil Jarrow was the man who invented the famous Bill in Lemon effect as well as other classics. This book on rope magic is the only one he wrote.

  • The Secret of Magic
  • Sawing a Woman in Half
  • Saved by Two Knots
  • Hindu Rope Trick
  • Hindu Rope Bottle Trick
  • The Hindu Spirit is Made of Rubber
  • Ring on the Rope
  • Nothing up your Sleeve ... They Think
  • A Pencil, a piece of Twine and Mystification
  • The Rope Through the Neck Illusion
  • The Secret is in a Piece of Thread
  • The Thumbs that Won't Stay Tied
  • The Magic is in the Index Finger
  • Threading the Loop
  • Rope Wrist Escape
  • The Penetrating Rope
  • A...
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