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Eugy Enoch

Eugy Enoch is a Teacher; he has taught at various institutions including high schools and tutorials in a career spanning over 6 years from where he has attained several promotions including as head teacher. Eugy Enoch started Writing at an early age of 15 beginning with epic and then to Poems, non-fiction and drama which he edits and proofreads himself sometimes. Without relenting, Eugy Enoch once more, while in higher institution, tried his hands on Freelancing, MLM; marketing products for organisations: this began his journey in the world of Business and Economics--Sales and Selling in 2004 with an Instant Sales ebook--Sales Digits to show for it. As a computer programmer and an ecommerce expert, Eugy Enoch Prides himself in various ICT feats, one of which is shown in his precise programming ebook--How to build and Brand a Web TV Above all, he Believes that to survive and succeed means to love people and to love people means to survive.

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Tuesday 11 December, 2018
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