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European Close-Up Magic Symposium Volume 2
by Various Contributors

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European Close-Up Magic Symposium Volume 2 by Various Contributors

FRANCIS TABARY: "Rope Routine"
A beautiful routine, taken from his live act presented at the Symposium. Tabary amazes you with his original style, true magic from someone who is worldwide considered the most famous ropes magician of all time. In this routine explained in detail during his lecture at the symposium, Tabary gives you new moves and magic effects never been published before. Standing ovation at the end of his live performance at the symposium.

HENRY EVANS: "Total control"
An amazing routine with cards: the 4 aces are lost in a shuffled deck by two spectators. The deck is put inside a plastic bag and mixed again by a spectator. The deck reassembled on the table and the 4 aces are back on top of the deck. Another brilliant effect, and extremely easy to do for anyone.

HERNAN MACCAGNO: "Cards Production"
Another beautiful routine, a production of cards from the hand apparently shown empty on both sides. At the end the last card turns into a handkerchief. For close-up and stage. Very easy to do, great attention to details in his lecture.

Another routine from the professional repertoire of Giobbi. A selected card is found inexplicably inside an envelope. Everything is masterfully executed by Roberto with a 15-minute explanation of theoretical and practical detail, easy to perform for every magician.

FLIP HALLEMA: "Lighters routine"
A beautiful color change routine. Flip shows what he is capable of doing with his amazing magic. This routine uses 4 small lighters that appear and change color, multiply and magically disappear from his hands. Not by chance Flip has become famous for his magic and his original style.

TONI CACHADINA: "Dollar bill penetration"
An excellent effect presented by FISM Card Magic winner. A playing card penetrates a dollar bill held by a spectator. It is magical and invisible to the public. Routine fits both in close-up and in particular situations of stage.

The great French magician presents and explains in detail and for the first time one of his magic acts with whom he already had a huge success in France. Two pens and a ball change color, transform, appear and disappear as if it were real magic, with variations on classic techniques that in this case becomes very personal and innovative with sleeving. All in shirt sleeves, to be carried out both in close-up and stage. Do not miss it!

MIGUEL ANGEL GEA: "The coin's hole"
A great artist from Spain presents an original and beautiful routine with a coin and a pencil: a pencil visibly passes through a coin previously examined by a spectator. Gradually, the gap widens until the coin disappears completely. Remarkable and expanded revisitation of an old effect, which in this case becomes completely original.

DAVID ROTH: "Wild Coin Stand-Up"
One of the greatest of all time in coin magic presents one of his most classic effect that made him famous worldwide. In this case, however, he presents a variation stand-up, unknown to most people, but really magical and masterfully presented. Live performances and detailed explanation from his lecture at the symposium.

Bonus VLADISLAV VADIM (Competition act performance only)
This act was awarded with the third prize in the international competition of Close-up of the symposium. This is entirely his live act, please admire its originality and inventiveness with a production of decks of cards really magic and puzzling.

1st edition 2012, video length 103 minutes

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