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Father Cyprian

Father Cyprian

(New Rochelle, New York: 13th December 1938 - 10th April 2015)

Religious name of Harvey Murray, a Capuchin friar in the Franciscan Order. Amateur card expert, known to fellow magi as "Father Cyp". Wrote several booklets on card and close-up magic. See Frank Garcia, The Elegant Card Magic of Father Cyprian (1980, 80pp) and Richard Vollmer, The Very Best of Father Cyprian (1983, in French). Also has compiled world's largest catalog of films involving magic (over 500 titles) plus "several thousand pieces of memorabilia". MIMC 1988. SAM President 1989-90.

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Father Cyprian
The Bottom Collectors by Father Cyprian

From the forward:

What are Bottom Collectors? Perhaps this may be best explained by stating a goal set for working out a version of Roy Walton's "Collectors". The goal was to achieve a clean spreading of the Collectors packet. The means adopted was the addition of three aces plus the three selections to the face of one ace. This is easily done if the six-card stock is on the bottom of the deck. It can be added directly to the face of the supposed ace packet. Thus the name "Bottom Collectors". Another factor that came into developing this approach was that all of the published versions of...

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