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Feature Magic for Mentalists
by Will Dexter

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Feature Magic for Mentalists by Will Dexter

Great mentalism routines most don't know about.

  • Foreword
  • Chapter One: A Couple Of Starters
    • Is There A Mind-Reader In The House?
    • Technique Of The Swami
    • Swami Four-Thought
  • Chapter Two: Something More Than Coincidence?
    • A Word From Atlantis
    • The Ultimate Seventh Key To Baldpate
    • Will Dexter's Routine For - Seven Keys To Baldpate
  • Chapter Three: E.S.P. Of One Kind Or Another
    • Those E.S.P. Cards - Were They Designed By A Conjurer?
    • The Psychogram Test
    • The Third Eye
  • Chapter Four: They Need To Laugh Sometimes, Don't They?
    • Will Dexter's Spirit Message Slates
    • Electro-Static Slates
    • Uncle Sigismund's Promise
    • The Tantalising Ten
    • Even Spookier Spooky Spots
  • Chapter Five: Mathematical Mind-Benders
    • The Magic Of Magic Squares
    • Naming The Day For Any Date
    • Computer Mind
  • Chapter Six: Look! He Does Card Tricks, Too!
    • The Cut That Isn't
    • A False Shuffle Without Fuss
    • Image On The Retina
  • Chapter Seven: For The Kitchen Table Mechanic
    • Pocket Trick Hold-All
    • The Forceful Notebook
    • Dice Duplicity
  • Chapter Eight: Not Mentalism - But It's Beautiful!
    • The Chinese Butterflies

1st edition 1975, 151 pages; 1st digital edition 2018, 125 pages.
word count: 42842 which is equivalent to 171 standard pages of text