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Fink by Kyle MacNeill

A clever application of Fandango.

The visual appearance of a thought-of word that will knock your sox off! Young Kyle MacNeill has been forging a reputation for himself as a clever and enthusiastic card magician. At just 14 years of age, his approach and dedication to our art is so heart-warming. Here is a young man who cares about the details, the history, and the integrity of our art. We were amazed to receive this application of Fandango from Kyle. It firmly displays an understanding of our craft far beyond his meager years. With people like Kyle, the future is in good hands.

EFFECT: A spectator initials a business card and then writes ANY WORD on it. The card is left face down, the performer not knowing the "thought-of" word. From a deck of playing cards, a card is FREELY selected and signed. It is then left in the middle of the deck. The performer takes an indifferent card and draws a "Thought Bubble" on its back. This card is left face down on the table. Two queens are removed from the deck and the "Thought Bubble" card is sandwiched between them. With a gentle shake, the word that the spectator secretly wrote on the business card appears WITHIN THE THOUGHT BUBBLE. It just APPEARS OUT OF THE BLUE! It's a stunning moment, and so unexpected. But, there?s more. Two more climaxes follow:

  1. The secretly written word is shown to have now VANISHED from the initialed business card.
  2. The "Bubble Card" that now contains the signed word is turned over and is found to be the spectators signed, selected, card!
Based on Luke Dancy's Grab, Ben Harris' Fandango and Through The Universe Backwards, this effect is a killer. A brief description of Fandango is included so you have everything you need to perform this right away.

1st edition 2010, 10 pages.
word count: 1580 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text

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