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(Rotterdam, Holland: 3rd June 1941 - )

Stage name of Flip Hallealaan Van Vollenhove, aka "Flip Hallema". Inspired at age 9. Ex-graphic artist. Pro stage comedy magician since 1969. Since 1979 lives in both Barcelona and Holland.

Wrote Some Manuscriptricks (1982, 43pp). Video (1984). Tricks in Mad Magic #16 (all-Flip issue) and Epoptica. TV bits in Spain.

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What Is In A Name? by Flip
  • The flip-FLIP, ha-HA, card-CARD.
  • RRIINNGG, short and snappy.
  • Less is more, however...
  • Royal flush-flash (for stand-up performances).
  • Mighty mentalist versus magnificent magician (both using the front clip-palm).
  • Illusion, mystery and the art of thought projection.
  • Bank-a-bill-ity.
  • Flip-pen-cy.
  • A very lockkey affair.
  • A hat and a mat. A production routine based on an old principle.

1st edition 1988, 15 pages; 1st digital edition 2018, 25 pages.

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