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Fools of Fortune
by John Philip Quinn

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Fools of Fortune by John Philip Quinn

The original description read:

A history of the vice in ancient and modern times, and in both hemispheres; an exposition of its alarming prevalence and destructive effects; with an unreserved and exhaustive disclosure of such frauds, tricks and devices as are practiced by "professional" gamblers, "confidence men" and "bunko steerers."

This is a massive tome on gambling, the largest one at that time, describing gambling locations, games, scams, fraud and how they are operated, as well as many personal stories from the author. Makes for fascinating reading if you are interested in the subject of gambling in the 19th century.

  • Preface
  • Introduction (C. P. Johnson)
  • Introduction (J. Snyder)
  • Part I
    • Autobiography Of John Philip Quinn
    • The Three Stages Of A Gambler's Life
    • Chapter I: Preliminary Remarks - Food For Reflection
    • Chapter II: Hebrews, Persians, Chinese And Japanese
    • Chapter III: Ancient And Modern Greeks And Romans, Turkey In Europe, And Asia Minor
    • Chapter IV: Germany, Russia, Roumania, Bulgaria And Servia
    • Chapter V: Italy, Monte Carlo, France, Spain, Mexico, Central And South America
    • Chapter VI: England
  • Part II
    • Chapter I: Gambling In The New World
    • Chapter II: Faro Gambling And Gamblers
    • Chapter III: Poker And Poker Players
    • Chapter IV: Short Games
    • Chapter V: Various Card Games
    • Chapter VI: Dice And The Dice Box
    • Chapter VII: Games At Fairs And Circuses
    • Chapter VIII: "Gold Bricks"
    • Every Bit True
    • Chapter IX: Confidence Games
    • Chapter X: Gambling Stories And Personal Reminiscences
    • Chapter XI: My Wife
    • Chapter XII: Local Gambling
  • Part III
    • Chapter I: The Turf
    • Chapter II: The Exchange
    • Chapter III: Nature And Effects Of Gaming
    • Chapter IV: Arraignment Of Gambling In Its Moral Aspects

1st edition 1890, 640 pages; PDF 532 pages.
word count: 285223 which is equivalent to 1140 standard pages of text