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Fortune and Intuition: two mentalism card routines
by Christopher Bolter

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Fortune and Intuition: two mentalism card routines by Christopher Bolter

Effect 1: A Fortunate Ending

An audience member is asked to come up and participate in a demonstration of fortune and possibility. A deck of cards is introduced, displayed, shown to be all different and shuffled by the audience member. He/She is asked to then begin to deal cards into rows and at any moment deal one card forward, a specially chosen card. Then continue dealing until he/she feels compelled to stop.

When the audience member stops the chosen card is revealed (for example the 7 of Diamonds). A small envelope is handed out to the audience member, it is opened and a small hand written note is removed. The note is read privately and proven to be a very accurate personality reading of the volunteer on stage. Not only that the note ends as follows "With that said, I believe you would have chosen a red card, probably a diamond. The 7 of Diamonds... oh and you counted out 19 total cards onto the table."

A fortunate ending indeed.

Effect 2: Unusual Perception

A small white envelope is placed on the table off to the side. Next a deck of cards is introduced, fanned and shown to contain a random selection of playing cards. The deck is then cut in half by an audience member. The cut portion is spread across the table and three cards are pushed out of three different parts of the spread. The magician asks the audience member if they would venture a guess as to which cards they chose. The participant makes a few guesses and gets close but ultimately misses the cards. The cards are turned over shown to be (for example) the five of clubs, ten of diamonds and jack of spades.

The audience member is then instructed to pick up the envelope. Crack the seal and remove what's inside. They find three miniature playing cards. All three are exact matches of the cards chosen just moments before.

1st edition 2013, 16 pages.
word count: 7622 which is equivalent to 30 standard pages of text