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Fortune Telling by Cards
by P. R. S. Foli


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Fortune Telling by Cards by P. R. S. Foli

This is a great book to get started on 'reading somebody from the cards'. It is also a great source for stories to go along with your magic tricks. It explains what each card signifies and even has a chapter on the history of cards. The bulk of the book is devoted to the various methods of reading cards, the French method, the Italien method, the Master method or Etteilla's Method.

123 pages.

  1. CHAPTER I: How we got our pack of cards
  2. CHAPTERII: What the individual cards signify
  3. CHAPTER III: The selected pack of thirty-two cards
  4. CHAPTER IV: The signification of quartettes, triplets, and pairs
  5. CHAPTER V: What the cards can tell of the past, the present, and the future
  6. CHAPTER VI: Your fortune in twenty-one cards
  7. CHAPTER VII: Combination of sevens
  8. CHAPTER VIII: Another method with thirty-two cards
  9. CHAPTER IX: A french method
  10. CHAPTER X: The grand star
  11. CHAPTER XI: Important questions. Fortune-telling games
  12. CHAPTER XII: How they tell fortunes in Italy
  13. CHAPTER XIII: The master method. The Chart and its Explanation
  14. CHAPTER XIV: The master method. Significations of cards used
  15. CHAPTER XV: A combination of nines
  16. CHAPTER XVI: Your heart's desire. Six ways of trying a wish
  17. CHAPTER XVII: Rhyming fortune-teller
  18. CHAPTER XVIII: The tarots: their origin and history
  19. CHAPTER XIX: Etteilla's method of using the tarots

word count: 31738 which is equivalent to 126 standard pages of text