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Francis B. Martineau

Francis B. Martineau

(10th March 1922 - 8th January 2012)

Canadian magician, magic illustrator and author. Best known for his amazing artistic contribution to the three-volume Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic for which he drew thousands of illustrations and hand-lettered the entire text. Also a legendary nightclub performer in the '30s-'40s-'50s, as well as the creator of Mark Wilson's Train illusion (designing the Thin Sawing Illusion in the process) and associate producer of The Magic Land of Alakazam TV program. Also designed the 1964 New York World's Fair Hall of Magic for General Cigar Co.

Wrote: Victory Bouquet (1944), Walsh Cane Routines (1945), Rope Hectic! (1945), Miracle Silk (1945)

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Francis B. Martineau
Victory Bouquet by Francis B. Martineau

This is a manual of how to make your own flower bouquets. Sure you can buy a beautiful bouquet, but if you want to save some money and do a little home project, this is the right ebook for you. By doing it yourself your bouquet won't look like the standard one every magician seems to use.

1st edition, 1944, New York; 17 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Blossoms
  4. Outside leaves or petals (calyx)
  5. Springs
  6. Spring reinforcements
  7. Stems
  8. Stem leaves
  9. Stem wrappings
  10. Folding the blossom
  11. Preparing the stem
  12. Cutting and shaping the spring
  13. Mounting the spring on stem
  14. Fitting the blossom on...
★★★ $3
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