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Frank Bellew

Frank Bellew

(India: April 18, 1828 – New York: June 29, 1888)

Frank Henry Temple Bellew was an American artist, illustrator, cartoonist, and author. He drew for most of the notable publications of his time, including Frank Leslie's Illustrated, Harper's Monthly, Weekly, and Bazaar, and humoristic magazines such as The Lantern, The New York Picayune, Vanity Fair, Wild Oats, Puck, Judge, and the comic Life.

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Frank Bellew
The Art of Amusing by Frank Bellew

A collection of graceful arts, merry games, and odd tricks, intended to amuse everybody and enable all to amuse everybody else. Full of suggestions for private theatricals, tableaux, charades, and all sorts of parlor and family amusements. With nearly 150 illustrative pictures.

In the days without the Internet, TV, or even radio, people entertained themselves. This book covers all kinds of things one can do from arts and crafts, little plays, simple conjuring tricks, and other activities.

1st edition 1866, 302 pages; PDF 157 pages.

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