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Frank Herman

Frank Herman

(New York City, New York: 8th November 1916 - 5th January 2000)

Raised in Poughkeepsie. Learned at age 10 from Gilbert Mysto Magic set and library books. Paid debut at age 12. Pro since age 17 demonstrating Mysto Magic sets. Added troublewit and vent to his comedy act. Moved to Los Angeles in late 1930s. Demonstrator for Bert Wheeler (1938-39) and Floyd Thayer. Assistant to Russell Swan in 1939. In US Air Corps Special Services 1942-45. 9 years on local TV as "Skipper Frank" in 1950s and with the "TV Magic Party" in 1960s. 1st to do full-week stand-up at Magic Castle. Pet effect: Professor's Nightmare. Invented Jake the Snake (1940), etc.

Wrote 9 booklets including 15 Methods for Doing the Cut and Restored Necktie (1942), Necktie Magic (1971, 19pp) and That's the Troublewit (1982). Articles in Genii, Linking Ring, MUM, Tops, Gypsy Trader, etc.

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Frank Herman
Necktie Magic by Frank Herman

A magician's textbook on the great comedy trick of the cut and restored necktie!

Suitable for any kind of show, close-up, banquets, sales meetings, hospitality suites, floor shows, stage. An ideal number for any audience. Sixteen laugh getting routines by a pro who made a reputation with it. Add this easy to do material to your own repertoire. Illustrated ebook.

  • Introduction
  • The Principal Character ... Mr. "C" (Cravat) Tie
  • Preparing the Spectator
  • Master Cut Necktie Presentation
  • Trial by Fire
  • A (Very) Flashy Tie
  • A Bag and a Bird
  • All That's Fit to Press
  • Ask Playboy
  • Commercial Conjuring ...
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